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Yoga day! One hour.

Did an intermediate to advanced vinyasa flow. I did some more advanced balancing postures today but the tripod handstand and the hurdler’s balance are still beyond me 😉

My hips were ACHING last night. I badly needed a yoga day today. Appointment with ART chiro tomorrow to help work out some of these aches. I think my quads/hips are fried from running down on the ice on Sunday. Ouch.


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Culvert Trail

3.42 miles, 39:52, 11:39 average (this includes time that I took to stop and stretch in the park)

How the run felt: Easy, and WARM. Although my left quad and right calf were grumpy. Stopped to stretch them out while in the park.

Effort rating: Using the newer Borg scale of RPE (ratings 0-10+), this run was a 2-3.

Enjoyment rating: Took Trey with me. No major complaints other than trying to work out the soreness. Enjoyed the nice sunny morning.

Early morning body weight/bf: 140.4, 30.4

Bedtime and hours of sleep: 9:30pm, 9 hours

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Barr Trail

8.7 miles, 2:27ish, 1:29 to NoName

How the run felt: Not easy, really. A lot of ice on the trail and I was moving decently on the up. The downhill kinda sucked as I was either dealing with icy sections or having to reign it in (new training partner). The quads are a bit sore of braking. Decided to take the lower W’s instead of the spur trail for the descent. I regretted that when running past a family with a golden retriever that decided to BITE me! First bad experience with a dog on the trail. UGH.

Effort rating: Using the newer Borg scale of RPE (ratings 0-10+), this run was a 6-7(hard).

Enjoyment rating: Meh. It was pretty nice on the way up. Didn’t enjoy the down as much today thanks to the ice and dog.

Early morning body weight/bf: neglected to weigh in

Bedtime and hours of sleep: 9:30pm, 8.5 hours

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3 miles, 30:43, average 10:14

How the run felt: Easy Peasy.

Effort rating: Using the newer Borg scale of RPE (ratings 0-10+), this run was a 3 (moderate).

Enjoyment rating: I was mostly scoping out this trail for shooting spots for the Winter Series II race this weekend. I took the dog and enjoyed the mostly flat terrain.

Early morning body weight/bf%: 141.8, 29.9

Bedtime and hours of sleep: 9pm, 9+ hours

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Santa Fe Trail

4 miles, 40:15, 10:00 avg.

10:30s on the out with 15 mph headwind, 9:30s on the return. Hammered the uphills.


I’m going to try something new and get some more details on my runs for a way to help develop my training foundation.

How the run felt: Fine on the way out. My legs felt great at Ice Lake so I decided to hammer it on the way back. I was in the green/yellow zone on the way up. I hit red, RED, R-E-D on the way back. I was hitting 8s by the end of the run and it HURT.

Effort rating: RPE moved from a 13 (moderate) on the way up to more like an 18 (very hard) on the way back.

Enjoyment rating: I enjoyed the way out. The only thing I enjoyed about the way back was that I managed to mentally hold on to that pace.

Early morning body weight/bf%: 141.8, 29.4

Bedtime and hours of sleep: 11pm, 8 hours


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Yoga day! Good, because I needed it badly. Did a gentle flow and really dug into the hips. Fantastic.

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Santa Fe Trail

3 miles, 32:17, average 10:45

North from Woodmen trail head.

Recovery run with my friend Paula. Beautiful day out. Cool with no wind, sunny. Felt good almost the entire time even though the effects of the cold were pretty obvious.

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Garden of the Gods

7.91 miles, 1:34

Windy, COLD. Ran most of the flats and downhills. Did a lot of mentally pushing myself to run some of the uphills. Tough due to wind.

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3.46 miles, 46 minutes, 13:20ish miles.

I’ve taken the last couple of days off due to a cold. I took the dog out with me today. We ran down the culvert to the fire road and then it was ‘Walk the uphills, run everything else.’ I’m tired and my chest was definitely the limiting factor.

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My house, basement

Oh goodie. A treadmill workout. My brain can not handle more than 30 minutes of actual running on a treadmill. It’s entirely mental.

30 minutes, speed 5.5

15 minutes, speed 3.5

Total miles: 3.65

Watched a great episode of Buffy while dreading it up.

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